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Going naked

from Kool-Aid Boogaloo at 17:06

Going super crazy on someone in a donnybrook situation (crazy enough to strip off all your clothes and fight nude)

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Mathuews  |  8 years, 6 months ago link  |  permalink

I've actually seen this happen in real life, never knew how to describe to others.

Manuel Perez  |  7 years, 9 months ago link  |  permalink

that's one of my biggest fears is having a fight someone if I'm naked what is the tackles you to the ground and he's trying to force the blade into your neck and he takes a quick glance at your penis and he just starts laughing at it

Manuel Perez  |  7 years, 9 months ago link  |  permalink

I need to start reading my comments before I post them. What is the tackles you?

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